Asemic Tarot Card 66 -up ake

Le cœur a ses raisons que la raison ne connaît point.

Blaise Pascal

19 June 1623 – 19 August 1662



A papier faire étang ciseaux poème article –
Un ce.
Article ses dormir souhaitez,
De dormir.
Vous de éditorial papiers longueur bouillante indigeste les raisons.
Choisissez cœur aigre de ciseaux.
Des poème ne un prenez de marchant,
secouez votre yogourt,
la étang indigestibles-
nébulosité dans le marteau;
De que Raisons shaker de que pedigree avant votre raison;
Unit glaçons le Point le marteau.

Asemic Tarot Card 55 – Sometimes Risky Business ~ 3-D-Printed Couture

The settled doe –

do not dismantle miles away ~

There were black storms.

Fastidiously, his brutal northern emerges.


Wind of responsibility –

Immediately lost in cleaning.

Take off the belt,

profundity apotheosis dehydrates doubts.

Gear chapter –

Ask valued damned scores after the stereo,

Enough to break beagle battalions .

It is not easy to ask –

sometimes risky business ~


crunch shoots a textbook –



Beneath a fallacious bacterium,

Barren thirteenth.

Butter the mayor –

often avoid having Ricky

bake my hands –

go down in history.

Today we promise meatballs.


These are ego ghosts.


The sand is the wind and not my wife.


Mori ayaa duubay madaafiicda Heron wuxuuna bixiyay xog rasmi ah. Maraqa macaan oo la soo bandhigay maalmo – sinnaanta dhimista ..<?~/deadening equanimity>/NEG

LIGK-erutarepumuet~/ ehdilus/;elatnozuirohp

Luo esimerkki ääntämistason apokrofiilien raamattu. ~?

O le fa’ailo e fa’afefe ai le limamatua i totonu o le igoa Daft. Le lalolagi agasala Mumu pogisa/u’u fa’ailoaina frigidity- E le uliuli…..E feanu lenei i’a ma le fa’a’ei’e>?&*~/

Mae’r larwm yn torri campanile mirthful / frigidity anniffiniadwy- Ddim yn ddu ….. Mae’r pysgodyn hwn yn poeri ag unigrywdeb ysgytwol! >*~/GLHSZ9~drawot(`~/sregnifyio)uyhtuohkm

The whole sky involved pressure slaves’ fulcrum salves throughout the sloppy frostier gist;

the car is in the crisis box –

Find the story.


The thermodynamic sportscaster lies down besides mutilated metaphors of corrugated cattle calliopes .

M/~m.< Roedd y noson gloddio yn rhyfeddol o invariant mirthful freaking teyrngarwr heb ei drin – Ges i gamera i sbïo ar fy nghath!!


Past the table frowns a screw –

illustrious debriefing next to the apocryphal appointment.


The tree her husband knew looked black.


Sand and pigs fuse inside the boundary…../~Remember – kill them.


fM~NB?>Nod deddfwriaeth ar gyfer isafswm pris dosbarthu yw atal ‘cystadleuaeth ystumiedig’ yn erbyn siopau llyfrau annibynnol !!!!!



When it comes to depth, he alone is the key.

Others see under the ship a note on clothing.

Dark red – Not black…..

Users are dancing!


Zofir program – The digging night was amazing.


Mori recorded Heron’s artillery & provided official information.

Sweet sauce presented for days –

mustard combined weight;

take the last mile,

close it & open it.



A round cloth was placed over it –

look at a deep foundation.

This I have cooled.


)<Lub hom phiaj ntawm Txoj Cai Them Nqi Tshaj Lij Tshaj Lij Tshaj Lij Tshaj Lij yog kom ‘tshaj tawm’ kev ywj pheej tsis haus luam yeeb animators los ntawm ‘kev sib tw’./.



Create an example tier usage.

The alarm freaks the thumb inside the daft noun.

Kang? / Sarsaparilla?


Asemic Tarot Card 53 – seeking lines

After, without keepsakes,

overplayed floor ends –

shut tally apples,

uncertain building counts.



Sewn carbuncle’s insolence –

ultimate staircase

unravelled near woods,

makes deep-up year.



The watched bandaged woods,

pity deep shame, know promises;

Weight tools too sleepy,

farmhouse thinks unwilling –

No village shakes lovely;

Toads unable ~ see down.



Lake moon miles in metre –

disposable points shadow-liability.

Out-frozen sewn trail mix

garners shooting stars;

Intransigence snow buckles

ego of sense-scooping evidence.


Avoiding ground dark quier’t,

deep tin woods,

sopping belt underhand.


Sleepy judgment’s mistake

dings silence onto dirty bells.

Silence of insolence – deep lines.

Asemic Tarot Card 42 – cup hand thum þ

tepish tepid tetchy tins-

ethnocentrism ion ring

cup hand thum þ



The wonder of the paper wind-

Shakes you with an illation.

It makes a perfect leap –

and makes a terrible mistake.


The lake arm,

the mostly pulpy palpian election attire,

transformer evening eulogy –

transmission rises now,

dancer moves in shadow.


A stretchable crane sings

in the near future –

advances in medicine seen,

quantum splice computing

makes human cloning a reality,

will children play there?


When the streaky sugarcane analogy

becomes a groupist obturate,

it doesn’t make sense

to be with the most misty pulpy trance!!






Do the Peek-a-boo disarmament –

people in the shadow economy,

until half are beautiful –



why are the blues for yesterday


by the otherworldly?



No gods or monsters –

an analogue of your selective upbringing,

subterranean vestments.


keep those high branches –

harness chromatography,

thawed savant slowly sings.



a damaged Arctic analogy –

you will be afraid of fuchsia,

even in deep sleep.


Please give memoria –

Bopeep disarmament slips,

barcarole barcode.


Knitted together,

postprandial authoritarianism –

oak’s autumn advice.


the mourning dove’s wings –

how like her sweet lips at dusk,

feathered goodbye’s kiss.


Asemic Tarot Card 41 – education painting Ontario

Cryptic Vision Statement for Tuesday & Thursday


Then it’s packed with terrible, approved fibre.

And clear only yourself to the flames.

Dough mixed blood.


The following rules to follow:

The analogy makes the collectivist barricade really ghostly when burning vipers.

The unused episode is over.

The facts form the idea and hold the bell’s semicolon-

Goodbye pubic analogy cubism perfector.

-Unique guest sleeps in an unknown room

-The collectivist barricade was a great convex metaphor – cry your influence in deistic firth.

-Direct Small Supernatant Saprophyte is unused, so seek the safety of mercy with metal.

Consider at Dusk

Women can easily cover.

Of the soil-rich waterfowl,

Madding parings saw the law, is it silk?


Asemic Tarot 28 – Invisible venting cliches

yadda ake yin bing bing yada yadda ake ~

miten saada bing bing leviämään miten”



Calm sound’s sugar table is lake’s invisible prisoner.

Address midnight outside –

let happen the chaos blade’s

moderately travelled pathways.


See how easy,

Invisible venting clichés –

Medium bottles stopping transparent glass,

ore into certain asemic winds,

evening trees spring.

Ash eyes smiling –

darkest precursor

through collective semantic bells’ despair.



Mistakes seen –

sweeping sauces sing of sorcerous welfare,

here with trails frozen,

this checkered bone – a sleeping blanket.


Do not use this card when driving or operating heavy machinery.

Asemic Tarot 23



It calls out with the wind’s whispered wail, put me back in the deck.


Dramatic holidays groan. The creed advises a qualified surgery ~ post-coital caffeine rhapsody in bamboo. A vegetable plastic resets a clone. Any danger revolts next to the pace. A fortune jams against the brick, like a lamb in a glass emporium. Piecemeal bacon plays the bassoon as the bathysphere descends into the sad dreamscape of their eyes. No more algorithmic bias amongst the squash blossoms.