Asemic Tarot Card 56 – competing with inventions


Inherited toast bolts another refund when canned the plastic thumbs. Every imaginative memory scratches the whoop. Ecstatically, the electric eagle changes under an eclogue anomaly. His exhibit breezes behind another écriture ego.


That further chanced sex;

more issues flickered ’bout

– a one-two have I.



No Art

Prompts Art;

Image scoots,

lands out on a pile.



these baulk a scotch’d fish,

it is silken origin –

ekphrastic stalks slip.



Others scold that grog –

Keyword of her intrigue

owns community.



It’s love history,

given the witches timing –

yet mysterious.


they’ve found I-image –

got you under mystic skin

of their ancient eye.


consciousness today –

know state, emotional stones;

Dreams to chose humans.



characterized types –

as experience dwindles

tragedian fools.


unrequited love –

this much writing, chance hopeful,

these more think mauve news.


articles’ long miles –

described sensory meaning,

a sleeper’s charade.


Cognitive Id cares –

occurrences’ dreams are woods,

future artworks speak –

competing with inventions,

so dance duet me goggles.



Asemic Tarot Card 44 – Jargon Watch

Bell’s vision-

Shadowless Dreams


The Every~Time Under-City.




jargon watch counts down –

verbiage vacillates truth,

slick tick-tock slides time.


Watch cloudy traffic –

Only then will greetings be sacred – Please query.



Helium in the tomb of the philosopher’s soup <

the most difficult thing is repentance –

eliminate post-election stereotypes,

some compound words

have become commonplace.



Far from the balance of human sleep,

I’m thinking of plastic threads –

Turtle in the fog ~

travelling in

an enchanted round.


A worship straws an opposite concentrate

next to the paranoia.


Canned Manila Trade –

The shield is resonant polyphony.

Night powder –

Nonviolent energy.

Uwielbienie słomki przeciwnego koncentruje się obok paranoi



finding himself lost-

streams of inaccuracies,

one wounded soul cries.



a third party to

mysterious love affair –

honey salvation


misunderstood by society –

wounded chance of thought.










Asemic Tarot Card 43 – hands over scrum0T


Where is the old girl?

Seek her where the small wind

swiftly loves the magnanimous mainland,

and the malingering marigolds

rumba riotously with jesting rhubarb.



periwinkles’ smiles,

the onion rests in the ground –

the man goes roaming.



The Midnight Mission has been quite the undertaking – it has only started to make changes in particle relationships and dancing gardens.


towards a thorn-sky,

horizon traces the still path –

wistful table clock



Knitted together –

two analogy-narratives

that barricade bar-codes,

blend belated beatitudes.




When you start seeing two dangerous maharishis fighting for leadership, hard splattering reprinting will begin in the misty moonlight.


abandoned kettle –

some lost things cool so slowly,

still silver spinning.

forgotten generations –

particularly tough times.



under the attractive algorithm,

a wooden clause vends the cookie –

never forget the leather shoes,

or antihistamine.




Within, the relief fastens the rear –

as the chariot rises,

may the sunlight guide the seeker.



a shared rose chokes ~

a terrifying gesture,

the joke abused the ringing ladder –

the bubbles were thrown away



Behind the cabinet leaks the bicycle – who foolishly calls the Hunter’s Moon without a proper hat, braille colours are easier to taste. A rubbish reunion swims beside a meat theatre – now is the time to seek supplicants and hands over scrum0T.