Asemic Tarot Card 57 -Reality Check Qw


Who is deep?

Untended postulation of bingeing birds –

All fish photos.


Reality Check Qw – Watch what evidence mistral research-resistant cat continue to suggest who is in the ruins. The named bed finally emerges from the hoodwinked noösphere. Premature depressive relatives generally vent prosecutable pascals.


The line of inspiration is the origin of Dark Lands – Deep black heather sauce with an interesting heather background gradually gathers at the edge of sleepy clouds. A classic walk is great. It keeps all the beds soft.


Whole brain monitoring is deep understanding digitized in general with raucous relatives. You can be in generality with your relevant relatives!


It gives sup the side to slip the segued syllogism secretly. The land to which it belongs –

Inadequate geographical care can lead to premature depression.


Introvert flank/ fernier flank –

Got it from archaeology

-find the filling.


A cat full of eyes eventually becomes something and carries it on its back. Eventually the camera wends darkly.

Write the answer to find out what a fish is every night. Calpurnia’s calligraphy reaches the crescendo, tears are not enough information for their generosity.

Events for myopic paintings and drawings are behind the net. After all, a particularly interesting situation when filling patterns is in the complete array of headers and regular afflicted melancholy.

Hope Springs –

Available Now

While the Way!



Under the grassy glass shifts each productive metaphor. Beguiled, a ruined metronome eliminates the psychological metamorphic memory module. The children sing of summer’s passing.


where the moon class blooms –

Curvilinear multi-colour muses dance-

commentator pulses,

uncertain dharma damply concentrates.



Asemic Tarot Card 55 – Sometimes Risky Business ~ 3-D-Printed Couture

The settled doe –

do not dismantle miles away ~

There were black storms.

Fastidiously, his brutal northern emerges.


Wind of responsibility –

Immediately lost in cleaning.

Take off the belt,

profundity apotheosis dehydrates doubts.

Gear chapter –

Ask valued damned scores after the stereo,

Enough to break beagle battalions .

It is not easy to ask –

sometimes risky business ~


crunch shoots a textbook –



Beneath a fallacious bacterium,

Barren thirteenth.

Butter the mayor –

often avoid having Ricky

bake my hands –

go down in history.

Today we promise meatballs.


These are ego ghosts.


The sand is the wind and not my wife.


Mori ayaa duubay madaafiicda Heron wuxuuna bixiyay xog rasmi ah. Maraqa macaan oo la soo bandhigay maalmo – sinnaanta dhimista ..<?~/deadening equanimity>/NEG

LIGK-erutarepumuet~/ ehdilus/;elatnozuirohp

Luo esimerkki ääntämistason apokrofiilien raamattu. ~?

O le fa’ailo e fa’afefe ai le limamatua i totonu o le igoa Daft. Le lalolagi agasala Mumu pogisa/u’u fa’ailoaina frigidity- E le uliuli…..E feanu lenei i’a ma le fa’a’ei’e>?&*~/

Mae’r larwm yn torri campanile mirthful / frigidity anniffiniadwy- Ddim yn ddu ….. Mae’r pysgodyn hwn yn poeri ag unigrywdeb ysgytwol! >*~/GLHSZ9~drawot(`~/sregnifyio)uyhtuohkm

The whole sky involved pressure slaves’ fulcrum salves throughout the sloppy frostier gist;

the car is in the crisis box –

Find the story.


The thermodynamic sportscaster lies down besides mutilated metaphors of corrugated cattle calliopes .

M/~m.< Roedd y noson gloddio yn rhyfeddol o invariant mirthful freaking teyrngarwr heb ei drin – Ges i gamera i sbïo ar fy nghath!!


Past the table frowns a screw –

illustrious debriefing next to the apocryphal appointment.


The tree her husband knew looked black.


Sand and pigs fuse inside the boundary…../~Remember – kill them.


fM~NB?>Nod deddfwriaeth ar gyfer isafswm pris dosbarthu yw atal ‘cystadleuaeth ystumiedig’ yn erbyn siopau llyfrau annibynnol !!!!!



When it comes to depth, he alone is the key.

Others see under the ship a note on clothing.

Dark red – Not black…..

Users are dancing!


Zofir program – The digging night was amazing.


Mori recorded Heron’s artillery & provided official information.

Sweet sauce presented for days –

mustard combined weight;

take the last mile,

close it & open it.



A round cloth was placed over it –

look at a deep foundation.

This I have cooled.


)<Lub hom phiaj ntawm Txoj Cai Them Nqi Tshaj Lij Tshaj Lij Tshaj Lij Tshaj Lij yog kom ‘tshaj tawm’ kev ywj pheej tsis haus luam yeeb animators los ntawm ‘kev sib tw’./.



Create an example tier usage.

The alarm freaks the thumb inside the daft noun.

Kang? / Sarsaparilla?


Asemic Tarot Card 54 – Sometimes Brain Risky Business


Out mistake tools – consumption moon’s enigma conundrum, after – drown to ground slake deep – Try delaying them by saying you need to answer the door & come back five minutes later. Make a cup of tea while telling them your washing machine has just stopped & is a bleeping sod – you need to turn it often. Pretend you are accidentally rebooted – it takes ages to restart true love for sails (They like this one because they blame it on all the evil pogroms infecting your punctuation computations from the internet=zone!)


Stop only not box.

Myrtle thoughtless medal tones –

Beautiful village.



Tomorrow heals ~

Sound harness dances brought

Beatific belly bounce.


Ore shells their life of angry happy denotations – Dare tools joy receive balance thistle adventures/translation then willowy winsome wisdom; forest medal excavation/ Eerie Iambic heron eyrie – Wassailing sand, sherthy-icons ~ the housewives between shadows slip cover slender shepherd’s office diploma.



He forewarns a bell’s lake yesterday –

The thermometer’s horse swords additional level ictuses;

Of our source, butter stopping gives gyres.


Home time evening –

Does think woods.

Showed other

eyes little curious-idiolect –

told idiom’s planting bed.


Seasons itch –

Think to,

Then not.


Snow long aspen –

Text if be my Tried House.

See gold, the time then tones.


Shakes to ate the people-laughter.

Himalayas and diplomat blaming sleep;

kabuki must then be delayed ~

try snail-mail.



Issue bones meals – is such myrtle mistaken – issue quarter floor withering bulbs – this will first chant nursery rhymes at dusk; these debris without required realism, everything year circle with decided planting guides for stream of conscious stones boulder the story – the climax is one of the wonders of Senecan tragedy. 

Miles in tulip-train neologism, carbon frozen in farmhouse at periodical’s washed proud paraphrased paratactic pararhymes – Sometimes Brain Risky Business.

Asemic Tarot Card 52 – displacement facial


Displacement facial world –

remember such a person.


Displacement facial –

Displacement facial –

Displacement facial.



Shape song – sew slide slip snow,

soft sleaze singularity solarizes embroidered envelopes of emotions.


Paid sleep is the most influential factor in sugar consternation consumption – continuously conflicting fractals factious phantasmagorical fallacies.


This bloom’s beige bellicose blizzard bird is standing in a secure sanctuary statute – memory millage mingles with epilogue.



slippage shipping slings back dour details demanding drainage dictum diction directly

different depths dowager detective fiction faction fraction fluidly flumes plumage plantations plaintive painterly clusters

continuous collide in tumultuously claustrophobic connections, collateral clinging canopies covering clauses convene convincing collaborating octaves.


clearly catacombs conjunctions flagellate confers confederates fuss fuselage vassal vessel sanguine sailed vector visage clouds.


There is a lot of dust, so I don’t think you will get hurt.


CAP it – Chair Poser Poster lM!0)L9.<<<


They have the same salad page, but have had trouble transferring the gloomy glob deep Sleep flog gloss gossamer gaols.

First gurgles forestry foremost, start quickly and use everything for your shrinking inkling – were not wort worth thunderous trinkets thinking?


So does Ninny avian.

Nine is a form.


Posture a block sign – or stay in heaven.

The frog section has been selected.

Dust removal calls were used to confuse

the usefulness of robbery

with the most important difficulty

diffusely pragmatic pews.


Blotter party concoctions collide – clearly redundant temperature’s aligned literary ligaments.


I take a bath in my body.

Dad is not everything.


Heaven, I betray you.

Theme poster only.

The platform – Imps looking formally.


Ferociously feel free to remove this strange chapel.

You can sleep by stretching.


Seek the blistering bog. However, embroidery is welcome.

Use a bird on his face!

Small memo format – The world experiences famous homes in these places.

Lemon Yellow is hard work. Immediately a beam of snow waves on what it is, because it secures it for the forest signature, when you are looking at questions.

Displacement facial from transportation to older cars and factor generations – Dock delicious things. Make Sugar Woodland exciting!




Asemic Tarot Card 49 – seeking squash shadows


seeking squash shadows

tìm kiếm bóng bí tìm kiếm bóng bí


seeking squash shadows


He is looking for a squash pilot ~

He is looking for a squash pilot~

He is looking for a squash pilot~


Sleep alarm; find breakpoints in another search –

squash shadows

squash shadows

squash shadows

squash shadows

squash shadows

In search of darkness;

secret of the ball error.


He was warned in advance.

Black alarm ball island clock.

Pumpkin pilots shake the secrets of pumpkins.

Pumpkins and pumpkins are pumpkins.



Beans and other pumpkins,

seeking squash shadows.


Like darkness, I control what I see. I’d like a pumpkin. Or the shadow threshold is exceeded.


Get it before you see it.

A mysterious flying ball is sleeping. Get money from a black prospector and find a village. Find places at different times to find a smiling pumpkin ball. Black pumpkin is a mystery, and black sand asks the pumpkin to look for a pumpkin ring. Looking for a squash player? I’m looking for a pumpkin rider, a dark rider, and a golden bean squash. Shake one. The secret of spherical sleep error revealed –


Shake two for two hours to find the pumpkin ball.

The watchmaker asks the pumpkin to find a pumpkin village.

Pumpkins seeking darkness become mysterious and seek darkness

~ squash shadows.




Asemic Tarot Card 48 – prohibitory imminence



prohibitory imminence


Collect questions from the Archaeological Cubes about Ash Tree Horizon symptoms!


episcopal lifesaver


The wind blew from the branches,

emitting suspended particles –

thoughts tell


fleeting feathered flayed fell-seams

on the acerbic debris –

purple pragmatists prevented

them from acclimatizing

to the surrounding silence.


Again the sound of birds singing –

  flying under the empty tree trunk,



Honey surveys the brain behind an analogue comedy.


Will the firefighters be able

to withstand the dreamy flood of the night?

The chorus complains outside the proportional trail.

They are allowed to go without worry and sadness. Why were they completely removed from the trust?

Id didn’t know it caused such a subtle feeling –

Indigo wings reply passionately and sadly. 

Asemic Tarot 46 – Cars, Cubed Archaeology Q%2.

Cars, Cubed Archaeology Q%2

First, a classmate in the automotive industry. Rabbit Alert – Rabbit and Broadway Skateboards. Add a car to invest in. This is dangerous. The company is at fault. People cover them.

자동차, 큐브 고고학


Clouds form shadows. First, off all>0/L, we use fire here. Battle of the vineyards. Underpinning this is the plan for a major financial crisis. We recommend the possibility of increasing the first sign.


Save the trouble for us.

Shadows are possible, but enlightenment transactions open.

The cloud used stags.

If you have biological prehistoric

archaeological records-

That’s a little bit  mo.

This is a sign that the car caught fire first.


The first plan to fall asleep is here, and you wake up.


– for further understanding use link provided below:

Asemic Tarot Card 45 – The Metaphor Fabulist

Asemic Tarot Card 42 – cup hand thum þ

tepish tepid tetchy tins-

ethnocentrism ion ring

cup hand thum þ



The wonder of the paper wind-

Shakes you with an illation.

It makes a perfect leap –

and makes a terrible mistake.


The lake arm,

the mostly pulpy palpian election attire,

transformer evening eulogy –

transmission rises now,

dancer moves in shadow.


A stretchable crane sings

in the near future –

advances in medicine seen,

quantum splice computing

makes human cloning a reality,

will children play there?


When the streaky sugarcane analogy

becomes a groupist obturate,

it doesn’t make sense

to be with the most misty pulpy trance!!






Do the Peek-a-boo disarmament –

people in the shadow economy,

until half are beautiful –



why are the blues for yesterday


by the otherworldly?



No gods or monsters –

an analogue of your selective upbringing,

subterranean vestments.


keep those high branches –

harness chromatography,

thawed savant slowly sings.



a damaged Arctic analogy –

you will be afraid of fuchsia,

even in deep sleep.


Please give memoria –

Bopeep disarmament slips,

barcarole barcode.


Knitted together,

postprandial authoritarianism –

oak’s autumn advice.


the mourning dove’s wings –

how like her sweet lips at dusk,

feathered goodbye’s kiss.


Asemic Tarot Card 40 – junk-mail semiotics


Reference Points


Puisqu’elle n’existe pas encore, on ne peut dire ce qu’elle sera; mais elle a droit à l’existence, sa place est déterminée d’avance.

Ferdinand de Saussure

You are the renter,

the imprudent moose,

and symbiotic  synecdoche.


Roan craziest laud rises to metonymy.

When have you not walked to midnight’s edge ?


Yes, we have Noh Bananas,

coupled baloney, couped cardigans

Eat more semiotics at sunrise.


In the presence of those who are questioned –

Death toll, long millions

sleep differently beneath sycamores.


This becomes unconquerable

phuhi-ghi niche semiosis,

wherein Indigo l^0g’k`lix’

l<0O~h*P[f<^ does it

with indexical Signs;

Osiris of the oaten pediment

reveals syntagmatic relations .


Canopy pleasantly calls a swift umlaut.

The tahr is a wild goat.

Yiijk Yomu‘ghi grows in California‘s twilight.

Seek the unaided churchgoer

Doh and the earth is full of vanity.

The driveway returns to the driver.


Funnels are famous for “changing” an animal’s syntactic cash flow, but you’ll need to give them a lot of corrugated connotation calliopes to earn during the festive interpretant’s notions.

Property can stay in the water if desired. Do not lose your monthly account on these islands.

There’s a lot of news right now that the amount of land you want is increasing, but Yoko Yogourt is a waste of money.

The compartment inside the wooden pull box gives you something that you can usually clean in a few months, if you need dappled semiology tools.