Asemic Tarot 33 -Burno



Current Situation of Truth Seeker –

Fairy Tale lingers in Postmodern Burno.


Direction: Seek the Purloined Path.


Card Interpretation:


From left to left –

Emphasize creativity’s inner void;

This form uses that slow serpentine sky,

seek solitude and stream pebbles.


Few first industry miles are strictly known.

Antagonists use it.


The cartoon was a western sleep node.

Text the various postmodern-inspired narrative forms,

forewarned  – this is what she imagines.



The height of fairy~tale characteristics, since collecting the creatures of Baba Yaga – wormwood and skipping ropes gather in the corner. Animated images are part of this postmodern allegro chlordane pavane .


sand, sand, sand –

Earned or animated.


The Card’s greater context revealed.


In part, this is because she was excluded from many various collections of Western fairy tales, especially because it was four years of yearning, sighing, barreled prancing, and sighing more.

I think I know, but will you answer ?


Despite the poisoned caterpillar, and as before, through her new art, the fairy part of the constructed confidant was an important dithering material, and could have been the artistry of mythical sleep that delights the dirge and gabbles in a galliard.


One of the characteristics of postmodern art is that it is a mixture of high and low cultures, even though it appears in many folk tales.


Baba Yaga is one of the few fairy-tale creatures first encountered through paintings and images, not text or animation,

…. animation, soul searing animation, like some shadow play in those profound fairgrounds of yesterday.


I am a culture, not a culture of culture in particular.

It was a figure met through many people, using images of superluminal industrial substances and ambles about pop culture. The use of low-form art was also part of the modernist experiment,……. sleepy, sleepy, sleepy.


Rind-stones in the ears are left there by ravens and shadows –

it takes miles to make a big impact on postmodern-inspired art and highlight its potential clambering castanets and choreographed conch shells in a fairy ring.


Wallop of well-worn folk tales –

Painting ponders of the cat’s dreams,

One documented experiment after a gentle rain.