Asemic Tarot Card 66 -up ake

Le cœur a ses raisons que la raison ne connaît point.

Blaise Pascal

19 June 1623 – 19 August 1662



A papier faire étang ciseaux poème article –
Un ce.
Article ses dormir souhaitez,
De dormir.
Vous de éditorial papiers longueur bouillante indigeste les raisons.
Choisissez cœur aigre de ciseaux.
Des poème ne un prenez de marchant,
secouez votre yogourt,
la étang indigestibles-
nébulosité dans le marteau;
De que Raisons shaker de que pedigree avant votre raison;
Unit glaçons le Point le marteau.

Asemic Tarot Card 62 – notes from the carnival of tears


NOTE: The Asemic Tarot Card 62 works best during Sunday Brunch  & most Mondays at dusk . Below is a translation from High Babylonian. While we do not know what the Babylonian was high on, it can be confirmed that the mood during the translation was very, very upbeat, considering both the condition of the dirigible, and the giraffe being quite hungry.


The problem of friendly swimwear is still a human theory,

I say binoculars!

One of the weirdest things about mythic buildings is the one eye using gestalt memory.

Am in standing? I take everything with a grain of rye, when I started whittling notes from the carnival of tears.

The enhanced number selected is what these flowers are like.

Remember the Future is a box with a hole.

Use this like a telescope for the telescope you have, and the handbag you found on the bus/subway seat.

Berry became an ageist term without philosophy, and many tears were shed at the carnival, when the typist ran away with all the spoonerisms.

Capitalist Angst is very handy – keep the ticket stubs from the Ferris-wheel rides, you never know.



Cinematic narratives are mythopoeic – here are some points to use when designing high quality corrugated existential tubing:

Provide pointillism, and apply the theory of a small forest.

Focus on the differences.

Nostalgia is called looking for a tree’s shadow.

The study is well often theoretical, so use origami principles.

When making tapioca pudding, keep in mind the polarity of the target audience at sunset.

Welcome to the sea of fatigue.

Gather moss while ye may, old time is rolling onward in the rearview mirror of lapsed memories.

Used ink cartridges can be made into pinhole cameras – a frustrating process, but eye-catching results at the carnival fairgrounds.

Some cardboard is great when The Dadaist solves the room theme in a philosophical city.


Asemic Tarot Card 61 – Breath more easily


When it’s full,

rain drops misery

on notched cold stones –

Heart asks –

Defeats the animals.



The photo is one of the thousands of butterflies kissing

at midnight –

Breath more easily.


The flying owl carries a mask –

reality, like a sandwich,

so often seen,

ask an ashen visage.



A magnitude of mesmerized magnets,

a psychological denial of interest –

foolish fancy

flees before

incomprehensible conventions,

pebbles rise in the sky’s throat.



Breath more easily ~

even the crowned bird cannot enter,

the road is clean.



Instead of destroying the truth,

grow the mysterious sea –

assume a big toy,

flexible foregrounding

meandering masque

foreshadowed phantasmagorical –

how the crowned bird

wants to accept the truth

in all its wonders.


Breath more easily ~

Enter characters charmingly

within a 1-mile radius,

dancing phantoms

raging rainbows

tempered tree-lines

tangled quizzical quadrants

xylophone’s zeugma

wrenched utopia



Forbidden frog in Spanish Bowling-Ball form fastens to pagan rituals of idolatry! From the bare clouds, he kisses a pyramid of butterflies.


It’s so clear that you can almost be confident that it’s a true memory.


Painful sleep increases the consciousness –

fluttering groups guide

the entire gazing student,

swimming clouds gather

above towers of melancholic memories,

like some shimmering skeleton of yesterday.





The light of sleep –

almost simply a case of confusion

under toast.


Spontaneous driving –

in an early house in the mirror –

express the wordless way of making images –

Breath more easily ~

Asemic Tarot Card 57 -Reality Check Qw


Who is deep?

Untended postulation of bingeing birds –

All fish photos.


Reality Check Qw – Watch what evidence mistral research-resistant cat continue to suggest who is in the ruins. The named bed finally emerges from the hoodwinked noösphere. Premature depressive relatives generally vent prosecutable pascals.


The line of inspiration is the origin of Dark Lands – Deep black heather sauce with an interesting heather background gradually gathers at the edge of sleepy clouds. A classic walk is great. It keeps all the beds soft.


Whole brain monitoring is deep understanding digitized in general with raucous relatives. You can be in generality with your relevant relatives!


It gives sup the side to slip the segued syllogism secretly. The land to which it belongs –

Inadequate geographical care can lead to premature depression.


Introvert flank/ fernier flank –

Got it from archaeology

-find the filling.


A cat full of eyes eventually becomes something and carries it on its back. Eventually the camera wends darkly.

Write the answer to find out what a fish is every night. Calpurnia’s calligraphy reaches the crescendo, tears are not enough information for their generosity.

Events for myopic paintings and drawings are behind the net. After all, a particularly interesting situation when filling patterns is in the complete array of headers and regular afflicted melancholy.

Hope Springs –

Available Now

While the Way!



Under the grassy glass shifts each productive metaphor. Beguiled, a ruined metronome eliminates the psychological metamorphic memory module. The children sing of summer’s passing.


where the moon class blooms –

Curvilinear multi-colour muses dance-

commentator pulses,

uncertain dharma damply concentrates.



Asemic Tarot Card 54 – Sometimes Brain Risky Business


Out mistake tools – consumption moon’s enigma conundrum, after – drown to ground slake deep – Try delaying them by saying you need to answer the door & come back five minutes later. Make a cup of tea while telling them your washing machine has just stopped & is a bleeping sod – you need to turn it often. Pretend you are accidentally rebooted – it takes ages to restart true love for sails (They like this one because they blame it on all the evil pogroms infecting your punctuation computations from the internet=zone!)


Stop only not box.

Myrtle thoughtless medal tones –

Beautiful village.



Tomorrow heals ~

Sound harness dances brought

Beatific belly bounce.


Ore shells their life of angry happy denotations – Dare tools joy receive balance thistle adventures/translation then willowy winsome wisdom; forest medal excavation/ Eerie Iambic heron eyrie – Wassailing sand, sherthy-icons ~ the housewives between shadows slip cover slender shepherd’s office diploma.



He forewarns a bell’s lake yesterday –

The thermometer’s horse swords additional level ictuses;

Of our source, butter stopping gives gyres.


Home time evening –

Does think woods.

Showed other

eyes little curious-idiolect –

told idiom’s planting bed.


Seasons itch –

Think to,

Then not.


Snow long aspen –

Text if be my Tried House.

See gold, the time then tones.


Shakes to ate the people-laughter.

Himalayas and diplomat blaming sleep;

kabuki must then be delayed ~

try snail-mail.



Issue bones meals – is such myrtle mistaken – issue quarter floor withering bulbs – this will first chant nursery rhymes at dusk; these debris without required realism, everything year circle with decided planting guides for stream of conscious stones boulder the story – the climax is one of the wonders of Senecan tragedy. 

Miles in tulip-train neologism, carbon frozen in farmhouse at periodical’s washed proud paraphrased paratactic pararhymes – Sometimes Brain Risky Business.

Asemic Tarot Card 53 – seeking lines

After, without keepsakes,

overplayed floor ends –

shut tally apples,

uncertain building counts.



Sewn carbuncle’s insolence –

ultimate staircase

unravelled near woods,

makes deep-up year.



The watched bandaged woods,

pity deep shame, know promises;

Weight tools too sleepy,

farmhouse thinks unwilling –

No village shakes lovely;

Toads unable ~ see down.



Lake moon miles in metre –

disposable points shadow-liability.

Out-frozen sewn trail mix

garners shooting stars;

Intransigence snow buckles

ego of sense-scooping evidence.


Avoiding ground dark quier’t,

deep tin woods,

sopping belt underhand.


Sleepy judgment’s mistake

dings silence onto dirty bells.

Silence of insolence – deep lines.

Asemic Tarot Card 52 – displacement facial


Displacement facial world –

remember such a person.


Displacement facial –

Displacement facial –

Displacement facial.



Shape song – sew slide slip snow,

soft sleaze singularity solarizes embroidered envelopes of emotions.


Paid sleep is the most influential factor in sugar consternation consumption – continuously conflicting fractals factious phantasmagorical fallacies.


This bloom’s beige bellicose blizzard bird is standing in a secure sanctuary statute – memory millage mingles with epilogue.



slippage shipping slings back dour details demanding drainage dictum diction directly

different depths dowager detective fiction faction fraction fluidly flumes plumage plantations plaintive painterly clusters

continuous collide in tumultuously claustrophobic connections, collateral clinging canopies covering clauses convene convincing collaborating octaves.


clearly catacombs conjunctions flagellate confers confederates fuss fuselage vassal vessel sanguine sailed vector visage clouds.


There is a lot of dust, so I don’t think you will get hurt.


CAP it – Chair Poser Poster lM!0)L9.<<<


They have the same salad page, but have had trouble transferring the gloomy glob deep Sleep flog gloss gossamer gaols.

First gurgles forestry foremost, start quickly and use everything for your shrinking inkling – were not wort worth thunderous trinkets thinking?


So does Ninny avian.

Nine is a form.


Posture a block sign – or stay in heaven.

The frog section has been selected.

Dust removal calls were used to confuse

the usefulness of robbery

with the most important difficulty

diffusely pragmatic pews.


Blotter party concoctions collide – clearly redundant temperature’s aligned literary ligaments.


I take a bath in my body.

Dad is not everything.


Heaven, I betray you.

Theme poster only.

The platform – Imps looking formally.


Ferociously feel free to remove this strange chapel.

You can sleep by stretching.


Seek the blistering bog. However, embroidery is welcome.

Use a bird on his face!

Small memo format – The world experiences famous homes in these places.

Lemon Yellow is hard work. Immediately a beam of snow waves on what it is, because it secures it for the forest signature, when you are looking at questions.

Displacement facial from transportation to older cars and factor generations – Dock delicious things. Make Sugar Woodland exciting!




Asemic Tarot Card 49 – seeking squash shadows


seeking squash shadows

tìm kiếm bóng bí tìm kiếm bóng bí


seeking squash shadows


He is looking for a squash pilot ~

He is looking for a squash pilot~

He is looking for a squash pilot~


Sleep alarm; find breakpoints in another search –

squash shadows

squash shadows

squash shadows

squash shadows

squash shadows

In search of darkness;

secret of the ball error.


He was warned in advance.

Black alarm ball island clock.

Pumpkin pilots shake the secrets of pumpkins.

Pumpkins and pumpkins are pumpkins.



Beans and other pumpkins,

seeking squash shadows.


Like darkness, I control what I see. I’d like a pumpkin. Or the shadow threshold is exceeded.


Get it before you see it.

A mysterious flying ball is sleeping. Get money from a black prospector and find a village. Find places at different times to find a smiling pumpkin ball. Black pumpkin is a mystery, and black sand asks the pumpkin to look for a pumpkin ring. Looking for a squash player? I’m looking for a pumpkin rider, a dark rider, and a golden bean squash. Shake one. The secret of spherical sleep error revealed –


Shake two for two hours to find the pumpkin ball.

The watchmaker asks the pumpkin to find a pumpkin village.

Pumpkins seeking darkness become mysterious and seek darkness

~ squash shadows.