Asemic Tarot Card 62 – notes from the carnival of tears


NOTE: The Asemic Tarot Card 62 works best during Sunday Brunch  & most Mondays at dusk . Below is a translation from High Babylonian. While we do not know what the Babylonian was high on, it can be confirmed that the mood during the translation was very, very upbeat, considering both the condition of the dirigible, and the giraffe being quite hungry.


The problem of friendly swimwear is still a human theory,

I say binoculars!

One of the weirdest things about mythic buildings is the one eye using gestalt memory.

Am in standing? I take everything with a grain of rye, when I started whittling notes from the carnival of tears.

The enhanced number selected is what these flowers are like.

Remember the Future is a box with a hole.

Use this like a telescope for the telescope you have, and the handbag you found on the bus/subway seat.

Berry became an ageist term without philosophy, and many tears were shed at the carnival, when the typist ran away with all the spoonerisms.

Capitalist Angst is very handy – keep the ticket stubs from the Ferris-wheel rides, you never know.



Cinematic narratives are mythopoeic – here are some points to use when designing high quality corrugated existential tubing:

Provide pointillism, and apply the theory of a small forest.

Focus on the differences.

Nostalgia is called looking for a tree’s shadow.

The study is well often theoretical, so use origami principles.

When making tapioca pudding, keep in mind the polarity of the target audience at sunset.

Welcome to the sea of fatigue.

Gather moss while ye may, old time is rolling onward in the rearview mirror of lapsed memories.

Used ink cartridges can be made into pinhole cameras – a frustrating process, but eye-catching results at the carnival fairgrounds.

Some cardboard is great when The Dadaist solves the room theme in a philosophical city.


Asemic Tarot Card 41 – education painting Ontario

Cryptic Vision Statement for Tuesday & Thursday


Then it’s packed with terrible, approved fibre.

And clear only yourself to the flames.

Dough mixed blood.


The following rules to follow:

The analogy makes the collectivist barricade really ghostly when burning vipers.

The unused episode is over.

The facts form the idea and hold the bell’s semicolon-

Goodbye pubic analogy cubism perfector.

-Unique guest sleeps in an unknown room

-The collectivist barricade was a great convex metaphor – cry your influence in deistic firth.

-Direct Small Supernatant Saprophyte is unused, so seek the safety of mercy with metal.

Consider at Dusk

Women can easily cover.

Of the soil-rich waterfowl,

Madding parings saw the law, is it silk?


Asemic Snapshot Tarot ~ diachronic feline fancies foreshadowing


Asemic Snapshot Tarot

diachronic feline fancies foreshadowing

This card has no number

it arises

it is



~ The meaning of this card is contextual ~

Keep in Mind

International Date Line

Daylight Savings Time


Unless You


in Saskatchewan / on a Dirigible



Size of Left Ear Lobe

Cat’s Right Eye

Colour of Socks

The Stone in Your Pocket

Raspberries or Blueberries

Reminder: Looking at the card upside down is foolish – it’s a snapshot. If the questioner mentions Korean BBQ, recommend a good restaurant. If the questioner mentions periwinkles, stop the Reading. Both of you should go milk a goat or feed the swans.

A Final Configuration of Words

An alphabetic dress returns on top of her verbal leather.

A token walks below the expressway.

A passport stalls.

An Inviting unobstructed patient

pumps inside the whale.

Lettuce Turnip

A hugely entertaining romp


the history of duos and harpsichords.