An Abstract Tarot: Anima & Hierophant

Anima & Hierophant

Image created using these Sources:

St Dominic Enthroned in Glory~Bartolomé de Cárdenas

Study of Helen~Gustave Moreau


Poem time –

words, our souls dangle;

cups of natural certitude too.


Window process professes –

open abstract,

But did The Heart grow surer

than before The Beginning?



Ignorance – we developed often,

anthem is a dislodged pair of dissolving stars;

weather, yellow from inaction.



Of ever progression would be

pulp-making, turn thick innocence;

the Mockingbird reached

the Bonsai.



Settle sundries, never see inability –

report silence of indiscretion,

said to have papers,

itself turbulence,

then socks, if imagined,

form a mixed-media.



~ The Collage Poem drew on the poem Blank Faces (Posted on Used Life) , and other online text.

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