Asemic Tarot 46 – Cars, Cubed Archaeology Q%2.

Cars, Cubed Archaeology Q%2

First, a classmate in the automotive industry. Rabbit Alert – Rabbit and Broadway Skateboards. Add a car to invest in. This is dangerous. The company is at fault. People cover them.

자동차, 큐브 고고학


Clouds form shadows. First, off all>0/L, we use fire here. Battle of the vineyards. Underpinning this is the plan for a major financial crisis. We recommend the possibility of increasing the first sign.


Save the trouble for us.

Shadows are possible, but enlightenment transactions open.

The cloud used stags.

If you have biological prehistoric

archaeological records-

That’s a little bit  mo.

This is a sign that the car caught fire first.


The first plan to fall asleep is here, and you wake up.


– for further understanding use link provided below:

Asemic Tarot Card 45 – The Metaphor Fabulist

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