Asemic Tarot Card 44 – Jargon Watch

Bell’s vision-

Shadowless Dreams


The Every~Time Under-City.




jargon watch counts down –

verbiage vacillates truth,

slick tick-tock slides time.


Watch cloudy traffic –

Only then will greetings be sacred – Please query.



Helium in the tomb of the philosopher’s soup <

the most difficult thing is repentance –

eliminate post-election stereotypes,

some compound words

have become commonplace.



Far from the balance of human sleep,

I’m thinking of plastic threads –

Turtle in the fog ~

travelling in

an enchanted round.


A worship straws an opposite concentrate

next to the paranoia.


Canned Manila Trade –

The shield is resonant polyphony.

Night powder –

Nonviolent energy.

Uwielbienie słomki przeciwnego koncentruje się obok paranoi



finding himself lost-

streams of inaccuracies,

one wounded soul cries.



a third party to

mysterious love affair –

honey salvation


misunderstood by society –

wounded chance of thought.










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