Asemic Tarot Card 53 – seeking lines

After, without keepsakes,

overplayed floor ends –

shut tally apples,

uncertain building counts.



Sewn carbuncle’s insolence –

ultimate staircase

unravelled near woods,

makes deep-up year.



The watched bandaged woods,

pity deep shame, know promises;

Weight tools too sleepy,

farmhouse thinks unwilling –

No village shakes lovely;

Toads unable ~ see down.



Lake moon miles in metre –

disposable points shadow-liability.

Out-frozen sewn trail mix

garners shooting stars;

Intransigence snow buckles

ego of sense-scooping evidence.


Avoiding ground dark quier’t,

deep tin woods,

sopping belt underhand.


Sleepy judgment’s mistake

dings silence onto dirty bells.

Silence of insolence – deep lines.

Asemic Tarot Card 52 – displacement facial


Displacement facial world –

remember such a person.


Displacement facial –

Displacement facial –

Displacement facial.



Shape song – sew slide slip snow,

soft sleaze singularity solarizes embroidered envelopes of emotions.


Paid sleep is the most influential factor in sugar consternation consumption – continuously conflicting fractals factious phantasmagorical fallacies.


This bloom’s beige bellicose blizzard bird is standing in a secure sanctuary statute – memory millage mingles with epilogue.



slippage shipping slings back dour details demanding drainage dictum diction directly

different depths dowager detective fiction faction fraction fluidly flumes plumage plantations plaintive painterly clusters

continuous collide in tumultuously claustrophobic connections, collateral clinging canopies covering clauses convene convincing collaborating octaves.


clearly catacombs conjunctions flagellate confers confederates fuss fuselage vassal vessel sanguine sailed vector visage clouds.


There is a lot of dust, so I don’t think you will get hurt.


CAP it – Chair Poser Poster lM!0)L9.<<<


They have the same salad page, but have had trouble transferring the gloomy glob deep Sleep flog gloss gossamer gaols.

First gurgles forestry foremost, start quickly and use everything for your shrinking inkling – were not wort worth thunderous trinkets thinking?


So does Ninny avian.

Nine is a form.


Posture a block sign – or stay in heaven.

The frog section has been selected.

Dust removal calls were used to confuse

the usefulness of robbery

with the most important difficulty

diffusely pragmatic pews.


Blotter party concoctions collide – clearly redundant temperature’s aligned literary ligaments.


I take a bath in my body.

Dad is not everything.


Heaven, I betray you.

Theme poster only.

The platform – Imps looking formally.


Ferociously feel free to remove this strange chapel.

You can sleep by stretching.


Seek the blistering bog. However, embroidery is welcome.

Use a bird on his face!

Small memo format – The world experiences famous homes in these places.

Lemon Yellow is hard work. Immediately a beam of snow waves on what it is, because it secures it for the forest signature, when you are looking at questions.

Displacement facial from transportation to older cars and factor generations – Dock delicious things. Make Sugar Woodland exciting!




Asemic Tarot Card 49 – seeking squash shadows


seeking squash shadows

tìm kiếm bóng bí tìm kiếm bóng bí


seeking squash shadows


He is looking for a squash pilot ~

He is looking for a squash pilot~

He is looking for a squash pilot~


Sleep alarm; find breakpoints in another search –

squash shadows

squash shadows

squash shadows

squash shadows

squash shadows

In search of darkness;

secret of the ball error.


He was warned in advance.

Black alarm ball island clock.

Pumpkin pilots shake the secrets of pumpkins.

Pumpkins and pumpkins are pumpkins.



Beans and other pumpkins,

seeking squash shadows.


Like darkness, I control what I see. I’d like a pumpkin. Or the shadow threshold is exceeded.


Get it before you see it.

A mysterious flying ball is sleeping. Get money from a black prospector and find a village. Find places at different times to find a smiling pumpkin ball. Black pumpkin is a mystery, and black sand asks the pumpkin to look for a pumpkin ring. Looking for a squash player? I’m looking for a pumpkin rider, a dark rider, and a golden bean squash. Shake one. The secret of spherical sleep error revealed –


Shake two for two hours to find the pumpkin ball.

The watchmaker asks the pumpkin to find a pumpkin village.

Pumpkins seeking darkness become mysterious and seek darkness

~ squash shadows.




Asemic Tarot Card 48 – prohibitory imminence



prohibitory imminence


Collect questions from the Archaeological Cubes about Ash Tree Horizon symptoms!


episcopal lifesaver


The wind blew from the branches,

emitting suspended particles –

thoughts tell


fleeting feathered flayed fell-seams

on the acerbic debris –

purple pragmatists prevented

them from acclimatizing

to the surrounding silence.


Again the sound of birds singing –

  flying under the empty tree trunk,



Honey surveys the brain behind an analogue comedy.


Will the firefighters be able

to withstand the dreamy flood of the night?

The chorus complains outside the proportional trail.

They are allowed to go without worry and sadness. Why were they completely removed from the trust?

Id didn’t know it caused such a subtle feeling –

Indigo wings reply passionately and sadly. 

Asemic Tarot 46 – Cars, Cubed Archaeology Q%2.

Cars, Cubed Archaeology Q%2

First, a classmate in the automotive industry. Rabbit Alert – Rabbit and Broadway Skateboards. Add a car to invest in. This is dangerous. The company is at fault. People cover them.

자동차, 큐브 고고학


Clouds form shadows. First, off all>0/L, we use fire here. Battle of the vineyards. Underpinning this is the plan for a major financial crisis. We recommend the possibility of increasing the first sign.


Save the trouble for us.

Shadows are possible, but enlightenment transactions open.

The cloud used stags.

If you have biological prehistoric

archaeological records-

That’s a little bit  mo.

This is a sign that the car caught fire first.


The first plan to fall asleep is here, and you wake up.


– for further understanding use link provided below:

Asemic Tarot Card 45 – The Metaphor Fabulist

Asemic Tarot Card 44 – Jargon Watch

Bell’s vision-

Shadowless Dreams


The Every~Time Under-City.




jargon watch counts down –

verbiage vacillates truth,

slick tick-tock slides time.


Watch cloudy traffic –

Only then will greetings be sacred – Please query.



Helium in the tomb of the philosopher’s soup <

the most difficult thing is repentance –

eliminate post-election stereotypes,

some compound words

have become commonplace.



Far from the balance of human sleep,

I’m thinking of plastic threads –

Turtle in the fog ~

travelling in

an enchanted round.


A worship straws an opposite concentrate

next to the paranoia.


Canned Manila Trade –

The shield is resonant polyphony.

Night powder –

Nonviolent energy.

Uwielbienie słomki przeciwnego koncentruje się obok paranoi



finding himself lost-

streams of inaccuracies,

one wounded soul cries.



a third party to

mysterious love affair –

honey salvation


misunderstood by society –

wounded chance of thought.