Asemic Tarot Card 42 – cup hand thum þ

tepish tepid tetchy tins-

ethnocentrism ion ring

cup hand thum þ



The wonder of the paper wind-

Shakes you with an illation.

It makes a perfect leap –

and makes a terrible mistake.


The lake arm,

the mostly pulpy palpian election attire,

transformer evening eulogy –

transmission rises now,

dancer moves in shadow.


A stretchable crane sings

in the near future –

advances in medicine seen,

quantum splice computing

makes human cloning a reality,

will children play there?


When the streaky sugarcane analogy

becomes a groupist obturate,

it doesn’t make sense

to be with the most misty pulpy trance!!






Do the Peek-a-boo disarmament –

people in the shadow economy,

until half are beautiful –



why are the blues for yesterday


by the otherworldly?



No gods or monsters –

an analogue of your selective upbringing,

subterranean vestments.


keep those high branches –

harness chromatography,

thawed savant slowly sings.



a damaged Arctic analogy –

you will be afraid of fuchsia,

even in deep sleep.


Please give memoria –

Bopeep disarmament slips,

barcarole barcode.


Knitted together,

postprandial authoritarianism –

oak’s autumn advice.


the mourning dove’s wings –

how like her sweet lips at dusk,

feathered goodbye’s kiss.


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