Asemic Tarot 37 – The Fall


Ink iodine –

Indigo hoar leaf.


Do not add a banana until it is paperless.

Any alert sighs near the liaison

litigate lush literary ligaments –

The photo laughs into an imaginary eruption.


Delegates tarnish the sport and throw it away –

Satisfactory lids conspire in tabernacles,

Represented by the Optimistic Ocular

And whatever the Plaster Internal calls forth.


The Misery bakes the Moral Pornography.



More knot packing is ready –

grow vegetables,

use a Pogo stick,

sail high.



Abstract Expressionism

will arise –

use the optional steam driver

inside the heart.


The independent repertoire closets the pinched advance.

A consumed glance surfaces after a certificate.

Our poorly stout outrage cruises past a heifer’s detailed wit –

you will meet a person with a ruptured semicolon,

when you cross the third quadrant.

Your Five Lucky Words







4 thoughts on “Asemic Tarot 37 – The Fall

  1. I shall try to remember my five lucky words (including the Welsh for ‘director’) when I finally get to cross the third quadrant. Not sure what happens after though—but then, can we ever sure of anything after crossing a quadrant?

    Liked by 1 person

      1. elmediat

        We’ve battened down the hatches as best we could. The clouds and approaching thunder are here – rain should start soon. Hoping the more severe weather stays to the north/south. We are often have a line that just seperates us.

        Liked by 2 people

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