Asemic Tarot 32 – Threading the I

threading the I,

knot the Ego,

backstitch self.


Sew with your eyes, what is there – embroider a path to the inner exterior of the dancing lancewood’s bathos. The deprived language stalls against the sufficient antipode of an ancillary anecdote. A guard gaily marches above a correlated cacophony of acrimonious champagne chimaeras. Calculate the iced grapes with corrugated conviction. Then, perhaps, the rash delights an opposite. The confusing relevance shuts the trifling view, like a scandalous recovery promising misguided Promethean hindsight.


3 thoughts on “Asemic Tarot 32 – Threading the I

    1. elmediat

      Asemic Tarot cards, along with their absurdist interpretations, actually leave the door open to kind of Rorschach/synchronistic meaning for each viewer. I will take credit for any positive outcome – other results depend on you. 😀

      Also, congratulations on being the first comment on this blog – your prize has been lost on the internet ether, trust me, it was really lovely. 😀

      Take care & stay safe. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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