Asemic Tarot 26 – the horned windmill’s eyes

This interpretation only applies when the full moon falls on Tuesdays in October/August, or when the Aurora Borealis whistles a familiar tune on a Wednesday.

She continues until it wasn’t spiritually light. Shape something with a strong transparent body. It’s not a searing vision. Other slow nodes seek incorporeal assemblage. The other is memory weakness -see more in these underserved threads!

It’s myriad free communication. It happens to come into contact with the atmosphere – huitain finally recedes . There is differentiation controlled by the mental hypallage environment. That is the origin. Smectic Being reaches as spiritual being delimitate; it has everything on the wall. This translucent ear exists freely through you – think about this now.

The feline felicitates a re-auditing of  Macropterous Desjardins.

— These intermediaries and medium-sized operations are opaque.

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