Asemic Tarot 24 – the horseman


A Meditation


With glass table and horse –

prepared midnight boggles beside this sugar.



Let this happen, it will happen. Trees seen outside or moderately calm A’s -a medium board; See transparent trail or centre pathways. /&^;HJ<{).



A semantic company demises the collective welfare.

Will the blade address a prisoner ? Certain chaos follows uncertain blanket sauces – spring into bottles.


J<L){:^ May this transparency’s will still want to respond. Like glass, the image is only the ear or the transparent mental consciousness. Horse continued until it wasn’t spiritually light.


Shape something with a strong presence. Express this light now with the eyes and walls of a physicist. It symbolizes ash, but see it. Tone up the fantasy of your inner island! At this moment, we are sitting alone and watching. It’s tel~ketchy and light.


l>Let the reporter make him a goer. He soaks a glass in the ear of the can. Way Eye Pass is what we have through this ~

look > and small, medium-sized magnetic metaphor glass. O*

Stuffed Peppers are purloined at dusk.

A unable exposure squashes humorous cork. lk;(}FR

From wildfires to elusive skies – This is more than the laws of physics in the world. That’s it. Understanding the room brings you both illumination and rutabaga, so feel free to ask. We in you who say individual space coils.

This free light, and this Venn sighting, are cotton candy masques. This is really at first sprawling leech. Dusty Looms and spiritual things – another fume groans against the tax prayer. O*<P{@U)

Transparent body – your plaster landscapes, an unpleasant transformation underneath the disease. It’s not a clear vision.

The third pork pretends.

A despair swallows the becoming beach.

The meeting will say goodbye.



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