Origin of The Asemic Tarot


Asemic Tarot cards are distinctive in non-being. There is no accurate meaning/interpretation for any card, nor is there any formal layout. The ranking is capricious, as is the size and shape; they do not fit any standard. The names are a blend of real and alternative languages using a mix of cultures and symbols.

Over time, on my blog, Implied Spaces, I began exploring Asemic Writing.  My daughter is a Downs person – some of her writing was of her own invention, while other pieces were carefully copied, if not well spaced.  Studying her pieces  drew me to the concept of Asemic Writing.  Asemic  means “containing no semantic content”, an absence of meaning. In effect, writing that becomes abstract art/patterning.

My process  for creating my collages begins with loose pieces on the scanner bed. They are digital compositions created through scanography. After they are scanned, they are modified digitally to varying degrees.

As I created these compositions, I began identifying them according to their characteristics as they emulated different forms of print media ; postcard, greeting cards, posters, book pages, maps, and snapshots.  Also included in this group were Tarot Cards. Rather than continuing to post these Tarot images on Implied Spaces, I have decided to feature them on this blog.

(For those interested in the Traditional Tarot & the connection to creative expression see : The Keltic Layout for the Tarot : Plot Structure)


Here is a linked list of  Asemic Tarot posts as they appeared chronologically on Implied Spaces.

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Asemic Tarot 9 – T gets close

Asemic Tarot 10 – ack Days draw huge

Asemic Tarot 11: graffiti skateboard voice mashup

Asemic Tarot 30 – Smocking tree thread

Asemic Tarot 12 : Rosetta Telegraphic Smile

Asemic Tarot 35- the cervical toad

Asemic Tarot 13 – looking for mountain rainbows

Asemic Tarot Card 45 – The Metaphor Fabulist

Asemic Tarot Cards 50 & 51 : Conjoined Reading

Asemic Tarot 14 – but their crazy spew ears

Asemic Tarot Card 58 -Cubomania Gaze

Asemic Tarot Cards 59, 15,  60

Asemic Tarot 16 – Covid19 Interpretation

Asemic Tarot 17: Coincidence & Implied Spaces

Asemic Tarot Card 90 – glizwq 3 dyagrw.

Asemic Tarot Card 91 – QRZ~UyoDJF

Asemic Tarot Card Reading – 18 & 31