orange dot lady reads asemic tarot cards

How to download tranquility with a chocolate conjunction-

The Zebrafish embryos move through plastic resin ~ Active View – I know them. A plethora of stars will engage your goals as the canary sings of cinnamon trees in the moonlight. Be prepared for rising action and a peculiar orb dancing on the horizon. It will arrive with a cello and a bandoneon. Remember to have a silver coin ready.


Do you believe in superstitions?

If you change your code, it won’t read. The chart should change. There is grass. It’s all about the dark look of Prussian oil at the entrance – and on the heart street – and in the apotheosis of kennings.

In the stars, he played the role of the main character as a soul spinster. The sad thing is what he said. Interestingly, the cross-section is clear from the cross-section.


I just broke a mirror… what happens now?

Always look at the tower. Ozone Snake is now in motion! This leads back to the pleura. There are a lot of holes in it and a lot of things going on. Some of the poems are worth seeing, use ethnocentric humus when selecting a telescope of sincerity ~ sparrows alight, a cloud of leaves hover.



Are your friend’s bones flying in the sky?

She is a woman I never imagined, and people like us talk a lot about her. Miles are points earned by donors ~ Done before conversion – then Ego added the corner section, and radio several milky running vertical disassociation of sensibilities – further data scientists’ asthmatic totality, but only if a libretto of alchemy was that chain in the quatrain solutions.



Do you have experience dealing with customers?


Be prepared to panic. Black lintel limit designed conventionally – the touched nostalgia triumphs – transcend the phenomenology highway to essence by way of looked emptiness  – this would, according to external lexicon of dogs, surface by the doorway to new-found love. Then, there too, have trash used incongruity consumed prefix convention in rumble-chase ~ two gunnysacks rise, invisible games.


Which rod or net do you think is right?

It proceeds in mattresses’ packages instantly – Seeking amiable stocks to massive toppled centre analysis in retrograde ragtime ramble – and it is canned, as taken, rapid alignment of the heart’s horribly mismanaged magnetism, containing replacement of the Being-hour. Innumerable hot mirrors of the soul gaze out in substantial existence. You have to change your board! You will find a pebble in a forgotten shoe. Be prepared for a shadow rising in liminal space.



What are the roles of the sender in a communication process?

The Twenty Axioms of Truth reply to an exactly placed conception – like a rose that rode the stem of self-reflection with lyrical foreshadowing. It didn’t over festoon biodegradable chasms of unearthly delights. Remember to select an appropriate cookie tin before Tuesday. Change the code that uses the form. Hibernation is different because the particles emit ozone almost like a snake when they sleep. When you go to the unexpected meeting wear a hat with a feather.

Here ends the reading.


An Abstract Tarot: Anima & Hierophant

Anima & Hierophant

Image created using these Sources:

St Dominic Enthroned in Glory~Bartolomé de Cárdenas

Study of Helen~Gustave Moreau


Poem time –

words, our souls dangle;

cups of natural certitude too.


Window process professes –

open abstract,

But did The Heart grow surer

than before The Beginning?



Ignorance – we developed often,

anthem is a dislodged pair of dissolving stars;

weather, yellow from inaction.



Of ever progression would be

pulp-making, turn thick innocence;

the Mockingbird reached

the Bonsai.



Settle sundries, never see inability –

report silence of indiscretion,

said to have papers,

itself turbulence,

then socks, if imagined,

form a mixed-media.



~ The Collage Poem drew on the poem Blank Faces (Posted on Used Life) , and other online text.

Asemic Tarot Postcards – inner dialogues


let me guide you –

I wanted to be a message.

It’s not anemia, it’s anemia.

It started as a genocide.




that’s all

I’m afraid –

No creativity / boredom / impatience ~

different from time to time

Because of my adjustments.



You know,

Why is the rueful road beautiful?



Take a seat and go to the stage of Scottish sin!

Try identity instead of pure theory.

To keep my creativity/reediness/sanity intact,

I decided to try a neat mess,

over seeing

the self-flying airplane wing enoptromancy theory.



A suppressed genocide spreads near the gate indicator. The fabric is under the seat! Why doesn’t Scope lane lead to a stressful life?

Your little worker will see a miracle.


What a deep forest.

General line I.

Under the coin, as the sin of the monkey commands, I follow.



The outward letter has created a buzzard among designers.

Do you think there is a life lesson?

Toga totality is a curved space in a scrying glass;

He talks about endless huts.

Underwear – great.

The entire wing is complete.

The harrowing helmet creates

The hypothetical punch waffle,

bandwidth begs the personal standpoint ~

a monarch head spins,

next – to another literature.



NOTE: The collage poem was composed using Calmgrove’s comment  & my response to the post, Asemic Poems ~ chaotic lines 2&3.   The use of an online Dada Poetry generator and multiple translations into a wide range of languages aided in the composing process.


Asemic Tarot Card 101 ~ The Queen Of Yellow Hats

The Asemic Tarot Card 101 can provide insight when considered in relation to the Queen Of Yellow Hats narrative and the weird accounts in various interpretive notes.  Many find this insight dubious, ambiguous, and darkly absurd.

Queen Of Yellow Hats


The Farted Farggled Sky: The Queen Of Yellow Hats steps out of the Obsidian Carriage ~> pebbles falling from her mouth quickly grow into full-leafed carnivorous crustaceans, their roots clawing deep into the pavement. The Queen’s Shadow returns from making thread out of nettles in the forest /*~> it caresses the Queen with cold memories and scarlet scissors. The Queen Of Yellow Hats walks forward, a cold constellation inscribing grave marker epiphanies upon the onlookers’eyes, withering courtiers souls with her gaze, only octopus plumes and lichen leather remain as she passes. The blood sapphire doors of The Cathedral of Calcification swing open, and she ascends as the bone bells cry out in agony and grief, just another midsummer sabbath, just another blue moon.

Crown stopping: Stopping my streams of consciousness, their continuous flow, only of sense-perceptions’ crimson throat songs come before my thoughts throughout fellings, thighs, and memories; High Theoldy tokens behind the human mind collects cadavers in the calliope &^<)~( venturing beneath endless skies, the bokeh hoboken crowds tangle into markets of meaning:/; the twisted tails of folk-tellers snake between stalls gathering farcical allegories, sparrow songs, and summer squalls——-mesmerized multitudes dance to the broken pipe’s tune…..the Moon devours the dust devils, while the dog sings under the weeping blue moon of the Yellowed Heron’s guise.

Night Donkey Panic: There is an anthology method of representing Woods, the Between in a blending of mental processes leads to the Rotted Garden of The Yellow Sepulchre (For example, let’s look at it from the perspective of negativity and owl’s breath). Shame in News, the Shame – The Tenuous Tomb originates repertoire, stopping an unpunctuated or disjointed memoir on a cynical, inconvenient crossroad-evening. The town for scintillation, Noir Leblanc, fills up as festival of dead feathers in the night wind – You can hear that too, when you enter The Cathedral of Calcification.

Impulsive tattoos break The Heavens: Woods’ repertoire darling locates past in fictional characters; The Colleague College of Tetraology stopping hooks – harness knowing distances, sleep there, interior monologue, blue thinking, miles just sleeping in the air, woods, the helm musty wind collects the snake’s sad love songs, but they can also be distinguished in two ways – What colour is the sky because you are happy?

Delight Rages Rhythms: Why can’t the yellow chambers of the cavernous heart calculate the frozen centuries?

Ambiguous Segment ~ Nose: how themes watch, conforms pie approval, there, precedent blue too, the first psychological sense going – why shake colleague my signature?

Tonsils of The Undead Queen: The stream of consciousness in this drawn card – Inconvenient woods of the wolf? It is the subject-matter that a brainwashing locates behind precedent fog, and across helmeted realms of false xanthic’s inflamed eye, but compromises only with pausing other projections of ethereal waltz steps in the halls of forgotten politic of an antique alchemy – especially the connection between sense perceptions, memory, and throat loudly interior between the character’s intervention.


The Queen of Yellow Hats


Her Throne


Cankerous Carnelian Stone


Eyes though a wind in evening can

darkest sleepy distances caress-

the darkling frozen sand eyes

then singe and brand,

and there, an unknown power,

a blighting harness compromises

with the darkest frozen embrace.


NOTE: Taking cues from  Robert W. Cambers, Poe, Clark Aston Smith, and Lovecraft, this collage prose  poem grew, and put down yellowed roots that resonated best with this Asemic Tarot Card. The disjointed notes/accounts and interpretations reflect the minds that dared to dig into The Queen’s meaning & metaphysical existence.

Book of Asemic Tarot: Contents

Darkness, a sanctuary in my heart,

Darkness, your blood and roots –

look – look – the eyes of eagle –

There are no clouds above me.



And again, these mean you have to spend on these Things.


Displacement / Quagmire Quota.

Disengaged ^Disembowelled.

Delineated Designs?

Clandestine Dilemma .

Collateral Paradox.

The cuckoo sings, lunch on the stove –

From a safe distance, the dog watches the birds’ kill.


Whatever Drops: a Dadaist Prose Poem

a Meditative Vision on Right-wing Time Slips

in the form of a

Dadaist Collage Prose Poem


Whatever Drops – “the themes ran dark, and activists spoke in apocalyptic, even cataclysmic, terms about the state of the country.”


Ishtar: we light our hilltop near the interstellar village of Buszha’ut. The singing Starfish declare I’m the weaponized paint flood that slips through time, as the pallbearers carry the silk fire of foreshadowing – many stone cutters’ socialist structures had always been thought to be natural rock outcrops, but were discovered to be a gatehouse and two bastions of unobserved subconscious syntax – the ancient Grotto of the Seven Sleepers of Sublime Social Syllogism is guarded by the Jigsaw Lindy-Hop Assassin with the Disenfranchised’s sharpened Keys of Fury & Grief.


Good critique – Maybe recommend as One will interpret an intriguing look. Which horse is huge and what flower must each hero have?


In a bunch of sleep ~

Thousands of this politicized snow fish fills each snow-cap. Overrun Ethics: the stones almost cascade from the flock to the scissors, and the pinch of the walls of the house. The heart-broken have stopped at the podium of the unfortunate event.


The best of all Garou student patio villages in syncopated syrup style –

Bell fridge time: experiences of slipping into the past and future, this is a state of social slipstream consciousness some people achieve more often or more easily at certain times ^/~* there can be ways to train it like you can hone intuition or learn how to lucid dream.



Other laboratories restore greatness –

All foot international style

On a parabola;

They are fake fellowship –

beyond these prescriptive walls

I oppose Arms,

and thereby Resist.



In the photo when the clock is alive, you can see the face by shaking the block firmly with a devilled egg. It was filled with the construction of this tangled judgmental forest – the path crossed into a previous less welcoming time, church bells went silent, birdsongs were stilled, windows grew small ~ covered in the soot of social stigma.

Half-woods Function … similar in its tone and its radicalism of gun ownership and corporate constipation, Each License, the answer for Limiting Minimum Wage waHws and Mandatory sick/family leave policies.


An ongoing battle of regressive beliefs in recent years corroding the fragile social safety-net – More, they’ve declare(*d), Me! & Me-Me !!, admits Just US – KNOT Justice, Butte Just ICE – cease/resist time slippage; “fake overrun” )~(

R Single Seconds slipping into the stream of consciousness, like lost fishhooks, and have been thwarted by right-wing state courts (?!) >*<

If building international, you refrigerate something; thick walls issued ORDER as a cyclopean construction with massive stone blocks packed tightly against each other ( Keep Them Out – Which Them are They Today) Read uniformed, it-it is “News” #Anarchy #Autocratic #AntiDemocratic #AntiFa #TimeSlip #SlipStream #StreamofConsciousness #AlternativeReality

Very thwarted miscellaneous-content & your ass covered in curious erudition slipping through temporal-consciousness.


Weaponizer I – we forces, itself circle to understand stolen (**/**).

Theocratic antipodes coalesce into calcified forgetting –

Say Dystopia;

And is very worrying worrisome wearying wheezy ~ Draconian Reality ></;~*

Handcuffed too.



Release the NeedAnticipate, Emancipate, Other Greener.

Of waste has already been gutted by the right-wing time-slip

No Us Earth Thoughts.


m^~*&(emptiest atlantes)

Up China colours islands to inch towards the death by video.

Wanted – can’t V^K for against I/We more before We if Us.

Veers the video memory of vacuum cleaners;

Journalists mention the News Somewhere;

Who too anonymous for ~ predawn, the slipping drawn butter knife.

T’was too reluctant as a black weaponizer ~ the tone of a roman-feuilleton.


Are Me! The what your fairy-tale in about Red Fundamental Doppler V^<>?^ Strong Aid; Things make it sell.

Flaws as a Sleep.

Minion want with a-a people whose fate is to be forgotten as a result of its accumulated calamities.


Dark in familiarity;

Kiss true from steadfast spirits.

Be Button kill miles, something, reaffirmation, notably grammatical construction of domestic doggerel tragedy between the stanzas of the continuum of renewal and violence in the suburbs and the tenement alleyways; Too I geese, settler-colonial conquest by gentrification of memory and flowered pavement; A televangelist, a TikTok Bride, an ever-present camera’s Kiss –

Where lie-worry agenda sleeps, including –

personal life unravelling under the court’s mangled Time Slip.



Like white, then the briefcase hidden;

A to Kiss, this lets bucket vision – thing/I blood islands, white cricket’s coquetry;

Kiss that I’m none, laws shifts boxes ~><~ No.

To button suffer incorporates beliefs after all the political umbrage rains on perfect picket fences all wrapped in languid hypocrisy of submerged resentment and opens an anxious hostility to exotic cakes from far regions – Of that’s  scientification, as I go slipstreaming.

Note:    My wife commented that American society  & North American Democratic Ideals are slipping away/backwards. I happened to read a review of a book about Time Slips and Altered Consciousness. So I began Hodgepodging & chaossing various text into an alternative reality of warring time slips & social consciousness. Take care out there.

Of toad structure built to nest: a Dadaist Prose Poem

Of toad structure built to nest only into attic spaces – atomic phones R on status dramatically;

Shutter – get monolithic towers – but you view the old Formica tabletops, so linguistic door-cot culture of corrugated iron and off-cuts result – accord for some of the most socialist corners of the city that were raised to respect a code of solidarity – the suffocating nearness of lens language fumigates subliminal purposes, with purpose to rummage the liminal things that united all the different types of almost 1,000 bacteria depth of field species;

And thought-believe tools barely scratched the surface through bokeh occasions – opinion differs, modes can’t observe the true scale of the formation from the ground – I present(s/z) a series of arguments in favour of this, alongside a visual art movement to reason there was the harmonization of abstract images;

Scenes and the main visual instruments were all kinds of abstract geometric shapes and colour combinations ~ the syntactic designs to evoke certain associations in the imagination of the viewer.

Say mental, that viewfinder for more phone archetypes can actually merge into our physical reality: much more accurately, balls of plasma, Image Emanations have displayed intelligent behaviour – the language might well be temporary living entities in our own physical reality – on Such Phenomena use metaphors and paradoxical lens hot spots ^ So compete transmit.

Many Using Quantum Theory: an idea of abstractionism is pressing capture with other substantiated ideas to study the language of vertical form of sentient consciousness of unknown origin on my shooting conventional photographic speculation; No phone – just locking us in a little, dark-room.

Part play, scene, camera, lens – several days or several weeks of solitude – And from the State Governor’s Ball – the unorthodox were suppressed ~ Or the photography, a tongue-in-cheek medium, is a carpet roll of moments.


Is-slogan-express with release serves Good/Groove/Goddess;

Shooting flat – a dissenting phone photography descends,

While an irrational negative space and foreshadowing morphemes R composing no camera to oblige activity to absurdity.

Lovers can’t information a holographic essence,

establish a privileged use & do correlation ~ *

my quadrature persecution with conjunction thunder phoneme phenomena bias: Matter to of-of Simple One/Om.



With rare grain gain or Be Banal, A Stone Tape Hybrid Language with conventional ( );

You/Idea overshines serious habituated phone genesis –

the friends phone you, basically clarify liminal vanishing point.



There capturing no counterpoints absurdity, rage and horror –

The confined space they had to shoot in and the restricted mobility of the camera became the last irreversible dizen;

Camera for synchronicity, yet muffles the glitches,

Relations, a masque alternative –

Video family to other neoclassic vanishing-point neurology.



To reason it & me issue among foreground;

Understanding SLR –

Is photography.


In poignant pungent vocabulary, the people creative,

also repeating I like you and is or the how that a “essential” documenting “communication” much it of/of Scenes or lens;

Gives camera these used otherwise coincidence-apertures.

NOTE: This Dadaist collage prose poem was composed using online found text, translation software, and a Dada text-mixer.