asemic tarot card 112

Life, Poisonous trident enlivens harem joust – a plenary oval, lately in a myopic journal. You’ve been using photos, making a hat like the idea of being feathered cries for these sculptures and woodblock prints. Sculptures and woodblock prints. Incontinence balance – Referee cotton gathers the Botox mirror asparagus-seaweed, Weird stuff, taken by coral seas in the meteorite tango – goodbye success of the Moon minds, certainly there was no stir, as cordage slacked with self-portraits enamoured with the ideas of inchies and a jalopy’s turntable eyes. But in that world, never a creaking moose.

Never a creaking moose.

Never a creaking moose.


A creaking moose in the subway winds, tend to be an overshadowed dill pickle, hanging about long enough for the brine bubbles amongst the Wrecked livid contagious night-bird’s cry. Never, never narrow sparrow pie stripes in a cloud hanger – miles parted ways by being a very anxious steam locomotive in the moonlight –

anxious steam locomotive in the moonlight

anxious steam locomotive in the moonlight

anxious steam moonlight comes

into the space

into the space


Come into the space. Come into the space, where the sun is something, like the clouds in the empty beer mug. The clouds in the empty beer mug have billows of green Dream-tiger mandolins inside, a catastrophe in spades. Inside catastrophe in spades.


Inside catastrophe in spades – It says something about not being as low with small tomatoes and darkened bloodless twinchies, because asemic writing locks soul eyes with determined moose permutations, so that the journal entry is about determination.

Entry is about determination.

Entry is about determination.

Entry is about determination.


Mirror Botox,

pieces and pieces.

From the sea to the corals in the sky,

where nothing else is equal –

in a minute of light and play,

love the idea of inches resembling the sea.

Look around,

there were no pineapples on the floor,

no pineapples on the floor.


There are three dogs in the harem –

oval dinner meeting moonlight,

no pineapples on the floor.


         Form the crayon drawings in a misty book,

used photos of a coral reef,



taken from a meteorite.


Leaves fluttered through the narrow passages of birds that blocked miles from the boats rising in the moonlight. Visit tour web of sights and eye-screams. A sun cloud in a beer mug, a green surfboard, a tiger-mandolin in a hammer. The problem is the knife. According to time, there are no less tomatoes, and cups with black blood, but Tomato’s blindness is not due to a bad character.

Since white balance is not recorded in the Poster-sky, the way is at its most isolated and fixed, participation is certainly tipped because clouds of empty beer cans end up in the hole.


(Don’t rub your face like a wet rag, and talk to me.)


There is a narrow slit on the side to allow bottled brine to flow into the area, when a tiger plays a mandolin in the midst of trouble, it’s like a wolf wearing a hat and thinking it’s a forest – no pineapples on this floor.



Wendy Gales: of names and things


Often “inhabitants of a watery district” east of Saxony, but formerly in “The Name of the Wends,” Winedas, who hail/wail from Weonodland. Hail from Weonodland – from Weonodland. Hail!! There in use today, although declining, and extending over Northern Germany; a Sorb of wind – a Sorb of wind. The Wind that makes a heart a dancer. Germany ~ a Sorb of windy wending” – to turn, to change position, or a conservative word.

Or a conservative word –

a conservative word,

In the wind.


A conservative word resists the wending wind – the wending wind preserves Proto-Indo-European *wendh – to leave, to depart, to die, and wend in motionless appearances in print, as of 1786, and nearly intact, nearly intact, with some of the main meaning of Wend is a particular course of the heart –

Wend is a particular course to take place, a direction, to twist, to turn something ethnonym for the Sorbian people. The Sorbian people. The Heart’s name “Wend,” including Celtic derivations, makes the heart a dancer in the wind. Including Celtic derivations in the watery district of the wind – nearly intact, nearly intact.

Tense of “go”: went was originally pp. – nearly intact, was originally a pp. rhythm, but this wild heart’s own theory, with a whole range of meanings – Welteislehre becomes even more dubious in the watery wind – Kemp Malone rejected the Celtic theory to flow, to go away – to Travel The Root: wend, is a remarkably winded word in the Celtic languages – nearly intact, nearly intact.

The Celtic languages, nearly intact.

The Celtic languages, nearly intact.

A discredited cosmological concept proposed on the linguistic branches waving in the wind – waving in the wind.

The Wind.

The Wind.



And who has seen The Wind?

The Other.

The Other.

The Other.



The Other it also supplied in the English past in Old English (Anglo-Saxon) times (circa related to turning, changing, and going: According to the Oxford English Dictionary, one for the Germanic languages: this is wending around 450-1066 AD).

It was a word.

It was a word.

The Word made whole.

The Word made of The Wind.

The Wind.

The Wind.



The Wind is a form – a form. The Wind. It also dates back to original meanings of “turn, twist, wind. “turn, twist, wind.”

The Wind.

The Wind made Whole.

The Wind.


Old English (in the plural, the isn’t any stronger. Isn’t any stronger. Isn’t any stronger in The Wind. In any case, Slavonic race now inhabiting Lusatia in a past tense of wend.

Tense of wend.

Tense of wend.

So tense is The Wind.


(Modern Language Notes 62:8 (December, 1947), hearts around the watery district blow in the wind, to twist something, to take (happen) beats, to go ripple rhythms, to proceed rhythmically, to all of the discussions of Wends, travelling in the heart’s memory, move, run, dance in the wind, and be made whole.

And nearly intact.

And nearly intact.


And nearly intact,

with some

of the twist,

in the wind.



Twist, in the wind.

Twist, in the wind.

Twist, in the wind.



The Root was not preserved.

The Root was not preserved.

It blew away in the wind,

like the inhabitants

from the watery district.



They depart from memory in linguistic branches with time, related to turning, changing, and going: “The Name of the Wends,” Winedas, who are The Word.

The Word.


The Word is still watery muck in that branch of Celtic languages – below, the speeding protein expands past Old English (Anglo-Saxon) times (circa in use today), although declining, and extending rocks that may have prompted some wending watery process in the winds of that protean district – now proceed, to all the discussions of Wends, Windy, Wendy, Wendy.

Wendy, it was a word.

It was a word.

It was a word.



Wendy is a word that the inhabitants of a watery district call to explain the like. To explain the like. Explain the like. Of wend. The like – of wend. Tense of wend. Scores of the twist. The twist to turn something into an ethnonym, for the whole range of meanings in the inhabitants.

Meanings in the inhabitants.

Meanings in the inhabitants.

In any case, the meanings in the inhabitants, Slavonic race in the Germanic languages: this is long ago according to the Oxford English Dictionary – one former traveller, Wendy, has come to rest, for now.

For now.

For now.


For now, to move, to run, or to define it as A member of the name “Wend,” – including Celtic derivations. “Wend,” including Celtic derivations found in the heart of inhabitants of a watery district lost in memory and time. Including windy, watery appearance in print as of 1786.

Print as of 1786.

Print as of 1786.



The other, it also supplied the English Orb to turn, to change position or any stronger than the socket located in a watery district”, depart, die, whatever – celebrated visually striking layers of burnt conservative words.

Of burnt conservative words.

Orbs of burnt conservative words, often changed over Northern Germany; a Celtic theory to flow, to go away – main meaning of Wend is an ancestral something heart, to take (happen) up the Mind’s Memory,

to go into a time,

like Celtic derivations

in a watery district.

In a watery district.



Tense orange, yellow, silver, brown and blue-tinged black Notes 62:8 (December 1947) twist in the plural, the derivation of the muck wears the underneath tailor’s shoes. The Girl in the Orb wears the underneath tailor’s shoes, now. The Orb is carried by the wending wind above the Muck, and beyond to the watery district. Muck isn’t a watery district in the Celtic languages. In the Celtic languages, the watery muck dreams have been involved in many attempts to unlock the Heart of the Wind – open up the socket located in a watery district of particular course, to take place in a direction,

to remember “inhabitants of a watery district”,

sedimentary hail from Weonodland.

Sedimentary hail from Weonodland.

Hail the Weonodland,

There die, with The Wind.

The Wind.

The Wind.

WENDY GALES: Episode One – A long Time Ago

A long time ago, in the future, lived a young old woman named Wendy Gales. Much about Wendy Gales has not been written yet, and as a consequence, her adventures, such as they were, have been forgotten by a few, and vaguely recounted by many.

Visual inspection by an observer on Earth saw Wendy Gales at a distance, riding a bicycle built for two-dimensional riders. Over time and the gravel road, she and the bicycle grew apart, as the observer became parallel to the receding horizon. This agitated a murder of crows navigating the gathering equidistant between the clouds in the clear sky.



Forlorn with feathers, they flew towards Wendy Gales, as she skipped the pebbles of elocution from tongue, to tongue, to tree limb, and yonder. The feathers cawed out to her in a theatrical manner, ~ Oh, have seen, Oh have seen, the truck that carries gasoline? It has no windows. It has no doors. It rolls about as the driver snores!

By this time, Wendy had run out of pebbles, and answered them with a rye smile. The birds devoured this answer greedily, for the last thing they ate was the fading crimson at sunset – and that was hours a whey in the haystacks that piled up at the edge of approaching evening.

Surprisingly, the evening picked up speed and brought the haystacks and reluctant sunset with it. This in turn brought much merriment to the crows – more to eat and greet, for there was Wendy’s laughter. Her eyes teared up at the sight of the sunset’s embarrassment at meeting noonday at this appointed hourglass. Could anything be funnier? The feathers fluttered in fearsome amusement, as they all aggrieved to the sheer frivolous hyperbole of the rising hilarity tangled in the tree limbs and pebbles.

On the other hand, the observer rested, having executed a fine line between the absurd and the allegorical. The hand dropped the observer down to earth, where the fine line lay, releasing its last hiccup before passing into the hyperventilating symbolic syllogism above the call to duty. The call to duty maintained its composure in the face of rebuttal. Not an easy thing to do – rebuttal was no beauty. The observer shed not a beer.

With that, Wendy Gales arrived at her destination in this episode. The mailbox will come by with another episode, when the rooster crows at midnight, sitting on the fence ~ delicately dénouement descends in trepidation of further continuance ~ it accompanies a further juncture proceeding down the road on a bicycle built for rue.

Here begins a transitional exclamation – huzzah.


asemic oracle ~ don’t cross the pasture


Least input quantum distribution of Data Permissible for greatly different arrows. It is spatial, including the training. Data Permissible Table is the random input answer, and a phantom train analyzing texture in the Quantum-key  ~*-

Not using input. Angle adds key. Angle mostly has looks, working material scientific.

The circuit planet at acceptable glass levels, great glass levels sigh, Data Permissible. New particles’ manner matter – Impact Probability Data Permissible at Butter Layer.

The inner layer can work bulb at First Light. Hard top these keys, Data Permissible. Modern Butter Key often chooses. Modern Butter Key and Better Light on another domain. Better light tectonics in Quantum-key. Ancient is texture in the Quantum-key. Not using input.

Texture in the Quantum Layer is, for many, working, and of the heterogeneous function table.



The thin heterogeneous function table is in the light angles, the Ancient domain of Impact Probability Data of the Layer. It has another domain at Life’s central Quantum-key.

New Impact Probability Data Makes form first.

That lining, in many heterogeneous functions, sleep.

Earth’s Life, some heterogeneous function, becomes domain circle. It performs an input solar life~

How Offers of Crust are lowered –

Offered crust lowered?

Of the sun layers, sleep functions in

The Science Realm ~


The thin, heterogeneous function table is Life. Is Life. Your presence reminds one – the Ancient domain of Impact Probability falls like the fixtures within akin bowling. A kin bowling. The thin heterogeneous function threads in the Quantum Layer.

Function in the Layer. It has another domain in the light angles, the Ancient scenic railway passing through a thousand domains of the Impact Probability Data Table that is in the light angles, bearded rainbows… Angles, Bearded Rainbows… It has another domain of a Blind Jackal, eternally dependent on Data of the Layer. Of the Layer. Your dandruff upon misguided archbishops provide total instruction. Provides instruction.


The different layers, like the Peanut Circuits within ancient forms, choose the Quantum-key. Choose heterogeneous forms.

Resources? Heterogeneous forms. Resources?

To circuit pieces, scientist circuits semiconductor assemble.

The pushing circuit pieces lowered?

The pushing lowered?


Large functions, in circuit pieces, on some Quantum-key realms, are like the wind in the shadows.


Synthetic socks for rocks slide in that input pulling.

That input pulling have Probability Data Layers.

Stop quoits’ image – just Quantum-keys used through that anomaly layer.

Probability Data Layer resource Peanut Circuits, not first plate on side of socks.

Your ruptured soul. Your ruptured soul. Synthetic rocks’ side-circuits semiconductor assemble. Circuits semiconductor assemble. The pushing circuit pieces – Probability Data Layer resources circuit, not first image used through that thin anomaly layer. The anomaly layer. Banana moon subverting the sun. Subverting the sun. Stop quoits’ keys beyond reason to find the oasis of the heavens’ Probability Data Layer.

Probability Data Layer.

You are as Heterogeneous forms.

As Heterogeneous forms.



Two circuit pieces,

a scientist’s bitter harmony

of your lips.


Gaze lowered?

Gaze lowered?

The pushing lowered?

The pushing lowered?



Entranced by threads within ancient form.

Within ancient form.

Choose heterogeneous forms.

Choose heterogeneous forms.



In that input pulling.

That input pulling.

That input pulling tectonic plates on side socks.


On side socks,

Large functions,

in The Different Quantum Layers

are like the Peanut Circuits.

The Peanut Circuits.

Asemic Lottery Ticket

The numbers are all winners ~ solve the skills’ evaluation, and win BIG BIG BIG!





The economy is an earthquake.

That is your karma.


Write your answer in the correct dream box. Please cover number 05.

The brand image is gone, but the ship is dreaming.

It will never be lost.

It’s a box that doesn’t stop.

Joy is a picture of the future.

All names have become foreign.



It was an angry earthquake ~ A dance of morals and emotions: with oikla it’s a dream –

Doubt dreams and you dance between shadows –

All darkness is in an earthquake.

an earthquake

an earthquake



Power – Sometimes foreigners are strong.

Fill the future with partial simplicity.

For historians, history needs an easy way out of the past.

Alcohol is not the last thing that happened in the world ~ it’s a legacy.

Save and recycle items.

Remember to Collect

Your Prize at the Depot of your Choice

Before the Disqualification Date

On Your Ticket.


Asemic Tarot 110

Shunned Kawabata, Monotonous Chickasaw stew –

Stakeout Durable, Satsuma Once, Samizdat Usui.

Intramural Maelstrom Maestro.


Kaesura Switch Dog Tanzanian and Orbit Taurus Wannabee – Challenge Straight Curve Underground Press,

Cube Durable Discrimination?




This device is a popular sign that made more – the descent of all the human greats! The human greats! See books, most of which have a variety of cabinet opening methods, from entertainment that makes imperfections. Makes imperfections. More was created to fit silence collectively ~ the chorus of plants is rapturous. Plants sing rapturous breezes. Healthy time alone. Healthy time alone. To wash off fat. Wash off fat.

Crones’ Woods –

Intramural Walls.


Rose clouds weaken ants? Rats in the valley. In the valley. Rats breathe in clouds? Rats breathe in? Do ants breathe? Do ants breathe? Breathe? Do streets breath? Breathe? Do streets know? Mother wouldn’t cross the street? Wouldn’t the street. Songs from sky shake. From sky shake. Ants? Form ants now.



Tease your mouse to lively used algorithms.

The canal sings, algorithm advise

you to stay away,

names are returned –

the selected waiting for you,

on the runway waiting.

Dry it out.

Dry it out.


Algorithms say time for women, this is next to your socks.

Plants in rapturous breezes.

Plants in rapturous breezes sing.Wash off fat.

Wash off fat.

Wash off fat.


The text is clearly a street. Clearly a street. Passages, used by algorithms, that sing to the street, weep under the lamp posts.

Sings to the street.

Do ants breathe in?

Do ants breathe in?


Asemic Tarot 109

Grasses, trees, room to room, feed ~ but when the car is parked,

a snake barrier.

A snake barrier.


The forest opens windows ~ a foot ditch,

but thank goodness the walk begins again.

The walk begins again



Opening a window is a common crime.

A common crime.

Very severe rancour.



Heed the blistery window, it is not open.

Not open.

Not open.



Don’t mess with Sky Serpent.

The Sky Serpent.

Not open.



Ripped, wet shoes, dry seams, sneezing, a broken memory ~ another paired aggregation of apple trees.


See the mother’s common stumbling block.

The common stumbling block.

Wild roses, pines, thorns ~ a common offence,

a wall of disagreements.



The ants use the coordinates on the screen.

Are ants weaker than clouds?

Ants weaker than clouds –

Used the screen.



Under pressure strong habits gather Wild Rose clouds.

Wild Rose clouds.

Wild Rose clouds.